Rex, wearing his glasses
Vital statistics
Age: 160
Hair: Blond hair
Eyes: Blue eyes
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 300 lbs
Power: Ursine Feral, Enhanced Regeneration, Enhanced senses, Enhanced Strenght, claws
Mutant Class: Beta
Affiliation: Rex's Pack


Pack Leader:Edit

Pack Elder:Edit


His greatest worry:Edit


General location:Edit

Rex's pack is usually nomadic and travels all over the United States and Canada, not stopping particularly long in one place. The main characters meet them when all feral pack Gather in the Yosemite national Park.


  • Although he doesn't need them, Rex prefers to wear his glasses because they make him seem more refined and intelligent in his eyes.
  • Rex's pack consists out of Rex, Bonnie, Alyson, Amanda, Kellan and Anne.
  • Rex is involved in the folowing plots: meet the packs!

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